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2017-2018 Fixtures.


13.01.2018 Bromley & Beckenham 6's 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game.

Position 11/12


06.01.2018 New Beccs 3's 4 - Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game.

Position 11/12


16.12.2017 Dartford Ladies 3's 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game.

Position 12/12


9.12.2017 Sevenoaks Ladies 7's 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game.

Position 11/12


25.11.20017 16.12.2017 Burnt Ash Ladies 5ths 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game.

Position 11/12


18.11.2017 Faversham Ladies 1 - Burnt Ash Ladies 6ths - 1


Fav started yet another game with just 10 players and based on this performance are getting very used to the idea of not playing with a full team, or indeed any substitutes !

Starting well, with forays down both of the wings the Ladies started positively and kept Burnt Ash pegged back. The oppo moved the ball well within their midfield but were unable to provide killer passes into the D, and spent a lot of their time passing sideways.

The Ladies on the other hand were always attempting passes for the two wingers to run onto - and a goal eventually came from a right wing cross from Kate Merrettt, pushed on by Skipper Smithson to a waiting Libby Andrews to score her very first goal for Fav.


The second half started with much the same, Fav playing an organised, defensive game and breaking out when the opportunity arose. Burnt Ash however, restricted to one shot on goal in the second half, made it count with a shot at goal through the pads of goalkeeper Kent.


Another point earnt for the Ladies, the unbeaten run continues !


Kent; Griffiths, Tallett; Sheather, Page, Isles; Andrews, Enfield, Smithson, Merrett

Position 11/12



11.11.2017 Meopham Ladies 2's 2 Faversham Ladies 2


After observing a 2-minute silence before the game for Armistice Day the Ladies, playing in their blue away kits, started the game on the front foot, despite again only able to play with 10.

Play ebbed and flowed with Meopham pushing players forward and Fav defending and breaking out when they could. Fav were unlucky to concede mid-way through the half to a well taken shot just inside the post.

Changing personnel and tactics at half time Fav pushed Libby Andrews onto the left wing and Rachel Griffiths played alongside her Mum at the back. Conceding pretty much from the first play Fav could have let their heads drop but continued to play and push on, with Kate Merrett running onto several passes pushed out to her on the wing and then creating opportunities for the strikers in the D.

Skipper Clare Smithson reached a pass from the right to halve the deficit and then a few minutes later got her stick onto another pass to divert the ball past the goalie. Fav held on and gained their first playing point of the season.


Kent; Griffiths (S) Andrews; Sheather, Page, Isles; Griffiths (R) Enfield, Smithson, Merrett

Position 11/12



4.11.2017 Faversham Ladies 0 Anchorians 5


Finally able to get a team of 11 for this fixture the Ladies had reason to be optimistic, despite the grey sky and forecast of rain.

The scoreline suggests a whitewash for the Ladies, however the reality was they were playing against a team who were well schooled in set pieces, with all but their first and last goals coming from short corner routines.

A challenging game for the Ladies with every slight indiscretion blown up by an overly officious umpire and no respite given, even when players had been taken out of the game with injury and were on the floor.

A game for experience, fingers crossed we can field the same 11 (and some substitutes!) next week and get some real gametime in to learn each others play. Some positives to take and we move on.


Kent; Griffiths (S) Isles; Sheather, Page, Merrett; Griffiths (R) Enfield, Smithson, Andrews, Tallett

Position 9/12


21.10/2017 Faversham Ladies 0 Marden Russets 4


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game.


14.10.2017 Blackheath 2 Faversham Ladies 0


07.10.2017 Faversham Ladies 1 Cobdown 4


30.09.2017 Bromley & Beccs 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game. They will hope to regroup and have a full squad available for next weeks game against Cobdown at the Westlands.


Position 9/12



23.09.2017 Faversham Ladies 0 New Beccahamian Ladies 3's 1


The ladies were finally able to start off their campaign with a home match against the side relegated with us last season. With Libby Andrews and Kate Merrett making their club debuts at Right Back and Right Half respectively the Ladies team of 9 knew this would be a baptism of fire to Division 5 life.


New Beccs were able to use their two-player advantage to break up the Fav attacks and the Ladies spent most of the first half defending their goal, however there were some occasions when Sheila Enfield on the forward line could use her experience to chase down several defensive clearances and provide some sort of respite to the defenders. Captain Clare Smithson and fellow forward Rachel Griffiths were chasing back and the team defended as a unit, with New Beccs only able to take pot shots at the Fav goal. The Ladies fully deserved to reach half time at 0-0.


Virtually after the restart New Beccs took the lead with a shot into the far corner of the goal and this motivated the Ladies to push forward more - with several forays into the oppo 23 they were unlucky not to equalise with an effort from Smithson that went just over the bar. A tremendous effort to keep chasing the length of the pitch from all three of the Fav halves, with them all pushing forward to support their forward line and then also tracking back when necessary. The two defenders played out of their skin to hold the ball up just long enough for the rest of the team to get back into position and defend. New Beccs just could not make their numerical advantage count and the Ladies did not concede any short corners at all in the second half while able to gain 3 of their own from attacks that were far more regular.


A fantastic team performance and the effort put in by every single player should be commended. The Ladies will be dangerous when they are able to field a full team !


Isles; Griffiths (S) Andrews; Sheather, Page, Merrett; Griffiths (R) Smithson (c) Enfield.

Position 4/12



16.09.2017 Faversham Ladies 4 Dartford 3's 0


Starting this season in Division 5 after relegation Fav Ladies were determined to start the season positively, with all players desperate to claim the goals from this drubbing of Dartford..

In reality - Dartford conceding this first game means that we are already nearly half way to achieving last seasons points total - and we may appear in the top half of the table for once !

Sympathy to Dartford - we have been on the wrong end of this so many times. Wish them the best for getting a team together.



Position 2/12

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