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2018-2019 Season.



27.10.2018 K Sports (Cobdown) 3 Faversham Ladies 1


The last few games have held mixed fortunes for the Ladies, 2 wins and 2 losses, very much lead by the team numbers they have been able to put out.

This game against second in the table Cobdown was always going to be tough, with the opposition only conceding 2 goals thus far in the season and riding high with 5 wins out of 5, with only a team of 11 available the Ladies knew it was going to be a tough match.


Cobdown attacked from the start and the Ladies were playing a defensive game for the first half, with hit outs being the only real time of any interuption to the Cobdown pressure. The Ladies were lucky to go into half time only 2 goals down, however the goals had only come from Cobdown sticks touching and diverting balls fired in from the edge of the 'D' -  a tactic obviously trained for. While Cobdown passed the ball well outfield, once the ball got to the D they very much hit the ball towards the goal and if Fav could just stop that ball coming in...

Second half was a much more even affair, Cobdown were no longer passing the ball around the Ladies and the midfield were able to intercept the passes out to the wingers. One such interception from the Left Half led to a long pass upfield, superbly run onto by Charmian Roberts who then slotted the ball calmly past an onrushing 'keeper for her debut Fav goal. Game on !


This seemed to wake Cobdown up and they again piled on the pressure, the ladies can be pleased with their fitness levels that they kept running and didnt ease up, however the best of the 3 goals scored was worked well by Cobdown, passed across the D and tapped in by an unamrked midfielder at the far post.


A scoreline and result probably deserved based on the balance of play however the performance is one that the Ladies can feel proud of against one of the two teams setting the pace in Division 5. If they can take that form into next weeks away game at Sevenoaks - who are only 3 points ahead of the Ladies and are in the heights of 4th place - then the Ladies have a good chance of a positive result.




13.10.2018 New Beccs 2 Faversham Ladies 0


6.10.2018 Dartford Ladies 0 Faversham Ladies 3


29.09.2018 Fav Ladies 2 Blackheath 1


22.09.2018 Burnt Ash 2 Faversham 0


15.09.2018 Faversham Ladies 1 - Meopham 3


The ladies started the new season with 10 players - after initially waking up in the morning and thinking they had 12 ! Able to provide a debut for new-signing Charmian Roberts the Ladies used some of the skills learnt at pre-season traing and started confidently, with quick passing providing the best chance of success.


Meopham played through the middle a lot with one of the team in particular eager to show off her skills and taking on shots when she reached the area, when perhaps a pass to a team mate would have been more prudent. A goal came eventually, with an unlucky edge from Left Back Libby Andrews wrong footiing the  Fav keeper.

Fav struck back a few minutes later, with a pass from the back going through midfield and onto Skipper Clare Smithson, who passed to an unmarked Liz Mears to score hers and Faversham's first goal for the season. The game ebbed and flowed with both sides having half chances to take the lead.


Fav held on after the break briefly before tiredness and the heat kicked in and the energy and concentration levels slipped. The Fav keeper however was only beaten again by deflections from Fav sticks from potshots taken at goal, Fav were dealing well with stepping into tackles and stopping crosses from arriving into the D.


Many positives to take from the game, most importantly the fact that Fav will welcome the return of several team members from holidays and other players can step into their more preferred positions.


Kent. Andrews, Tallett; Williams, Sheather, Isles; Roberts, Mears, Smithson, Merrett.


2017-2018 Season.



10.03.2018 Faversham Ladies 0 Burnt Ash 5's 6


Sometimes it isn't about the result, it is about the team performance. Today was one of those days.



03.03.2018 Burnt Ash 6's v Faversham Ladies - Match Postponed, Snow.


24.02.2018 Faversham Ladies v Meopham - Match Postponed, Frozen Pitch.


17.02.2018 Gillingham Anchorians 5 Faversham Ladies 1


Able to field a squad of 12 for this fixture against top-of-the-table Anchorians and able to play in bright sunshine rather than the drizzle of recent weeks Fav had many reasons to be optimistic about this game.


The first 10 minutes or so were relatively equal, with Fav returning after their week off in the same vein as they finished their last fixture, lots of positive moves, the team communicating well and were the equal of the table-toppers. It took one moment of magic however to realise quite why Anchorians are in the position they are, with a ball dribbled in through the 'D' and placed directly into the corner of the net, with the Fav defence just not able to get a stick into a tackle. A second was conceded soon after with Right Half Sue Isles putting the ball into her own net.


Going into the break Fav had reason to be positive as they were making inroads behind the Anchorians defence, with several half chances providing hope of a goal. Conceding again however from a vicious shot midway through the half left a mountain to climb with tiredness really beginning to settle into the team, however Fav did finally manage to score from a short corner routine - a predatory Clare Smithson on the goaline to hit the ball over the line from a Karen Page shot on goal.


Conceding again, and then again with the last play of the game gave a flattering scoreline to the oppo who very sportingly gave the Fav team a boost with their comments about our team spirit and the fact that they had conceded a goal for the first time in 6 games. A thoroughly nice game, played in good spirits and we hope for the same when we can get back to Westlands next week and play against mid-table Meopham.


Kent; Griffiths, Tallett;Sheather, Page, Isles; Andrews, Griffiths, Smithson, Merrett, Enfield. Williams.




03.02.2018 Marden Russetts 3 Faversham Ladies 0


Fav were able to field a full team for this fixture, welcoming back forward Liz Mears to the fold after several months out. With the team juggling positions to cover for absentee and stalwart centre half Karen Page the team started slowly and were two goals down within the first 10 minutes to a young and enthusiastic Marden team.


The Ladies rallied after this unsure start and began to get their sticks into tackles and were able to clear their lines more regularly, enabling the forward line to run at the Marden defence and making the 'keeper come out to kick the ball several times. Winning several short corners Fav tried their best to cut the deficit but went into the break having conceded again.


Despite tiredness setting in during the second half Fav continued to thwart the Marden attacks, with a seemingly endless succession of short corners to defend and the second half result of 0-0 was one to be proud of. While the game scoreline suggests a drubbing Fav can be pleased -  with players playing out of position and the team still trying to get minutes playing together under their belts it all helps the progress of the team.


A week off now before we regroup and play our next game away against high flying Anchorians.


Kent; Griffiths, Tallett; Williams, Sheather, Isles; Andrews, Mears, Smithson, Merrett, Enfield.



27.01.2018 Faversham Ladies 0 - Blackheath and Elthamians 2


For only the second time this season the ladies were able to start a game with 11 players - and also for the first time 1 substitute !


The team started well, passing the ball and working their way into the game. Blackheath's young team pushed forward as a unit with each move and the Fav defence were finding it hard to defend, with players at the top of the 'D' and on both posts tieing up the Fav defence, allowing the oppo space and every clearance was just heading straight back. If Blackheath's finishing was better and players weren't trying to take on too much themselves Fav could have gone into the break 3 or 4 goals behind and were counting themselves lucky to have restricted Blackheath to just 1 unsaveable shot passing the Fav keeper at head height.


Second half the Ladies were much brighter and were dealing better with the Blackheath attacks, getting balls beyond the Blackheath defence but unable to convert crosses and forays forward into goals. Conceding a succession of short corners the Ladies went another goal down from a shot that squeezed in at the post.


Many positives to come from this game - the return of Sheila Enfield after her bout of 'flu and another game to get to know each others game. Fingers crossed for a team of 11 at next weeks away game against Marden.


Kent; Griffiths,Tallett; Sheather,Page,Isles; Griffiths,Andrews,Smithson (c) Enfield, Merrett; Williams.



20.1.2018 K Sports (Cobdown Ladies 2's) 2 Faversham Ladies 1


The Ladies were finally able to field 11 players for their first of the return matches against our League 5 opposition and despite the rain and damp the spirits of the team were high at finally being able to play again.


Giving a debut to new "signing" Kate Williams on the left wing Fav played themselves into the first half well and held their own against the Cobdown attacks. Forays forward by Kate Merrett down the right wing and some excellent balls put into the area showed the Ladies meant business.


Fav conceded from a short corner routine from Cobdown however 'keeper Lyn Kent had relatively few saves to make during the course of the game, with Fav defending very well as a unit and the forward line always willing to run onto the defensive clearances.


One such attack lead to a fantastic solo goal, with Kate Merrett running from her own half upfield after a pass out from Karen Page and slotting the ball past the oppo' keeper with confidence.


Fav were holding their own and were unlucky to concede a second from an own goal but played on and did not let Cobdown intimidate them. There are many positive points to take from this match into next week's home game and this run out can only provide confidence.


Kent; Griffiths, (S), Tallett; Sheather, Page, Isles; Andrews, Williams, Smithson, Griffiths (R) Merrett.

Position  12/12




13.01.2018 Bromley & Beckenham 6's 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game.

Position  11/12


06.01.2018 New Beccs 3's 4 - Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game.

Position  11/12


16.12.2017 Dartford Ladies 3's 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game.

Position  12/12


9.12.2017 Sevenoaks Ladies 7's 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game.

Position  11/12


25.11.20017 16.12.2017 Burnt Ash Ladies 5ths 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game.

Position  11/12


18.11.2017 Faversham Ladies 1 - Burnt Ash Ladies 6ths - 1


Fav started yet another game with just 10 players and based on this performance are getting very used to the idea of not playing with a full team, or indeed any substitutes !

Starting well, with forays down both of the wings the Ladies started positively and kept Burnt Ash pegged back. The oppo moved the ball well within  their midfield but were unable to provide killer passes into the D, and spent a lot of their time passing sideways.

The Ladies on the other hand were always attempting passes for the two wingers to run onto - and a goal eventually came from a right wing cross from Kate Merrettt, pushed on by Skipper Smithson to a waiting Libby Andrews to score her very first goal for Fav.


The second half started with much the same, Fav playing an organised, defensive game and breaking out when the opportunity arose. Burnt Ash however, restricted to one shot on goal in the second half, made it count with a shot at goal through the pads of goalkeeper Kent.


Another point earnt for the Ladies, the unbeaten run continues !


Kent; Griffiths, Tallett; Sheather, Page, Isles; Andrews, Enfield, Smithson, Merrett

Position  11/12



11.11.2017 Meopham Ladies 2's 2 Faversham Ladies 2


After observing a 2-minute silence before the game for Armistice Day the Ladies, playing in their blue away kits, started the game on the front foot, despite again only able to play with 10.

Play ebbed and flowed with Meopham pushing players forward and Fav defending and breaking out when they could. Fav were unlucky to concede mid-way through the half to a well taken shot just inside the post.

Changing personnel and tactics at half time Fav pushed Libby Andrews onto the left wing and Rachel Griffiths played alongside her Mum at the back. Conceding pretty much from the first play Fav could have let their heads drop but continued to play and push on, with Kate Merrett running onto several passes pushed out to her on the wing and then creating opportunities for the strikers in the D.

Skipper Clare Smithson reached a pass from the right to halve the deficit and then a few minutes later got her stick onto another pass to divert the ball past the goalie. Fav held on and gained their first playing point of the season.


Kent; Griffiths (S) Andrews; Sheather, Page, Isles; Griffiths (R) Enfield, Smithson, Merrett

Position  11/12



4.11.2017 Faversham Ladies 0 Anchorians 5


Finally able to get a team of 11 for this fixture the Ladies had reason to be optimistic, despite the grey sky and forecast of rain.

The scoreline suggests a whitewash for the Ladies, however the reality was they were playing against a team who were well schooled in set pieces, with all but their first and last goals coming from short corner routines.

A challenging game for the Ladies with every slight indiscretion blown up by an overly officious umpire and no respite given, even when players had been taken out of the game with injury and were on the floor.

A game for experience, fingers crossed we can field the same 11 (and some substitutes!) next week and get some real gametime in to learn each others play. Some positives to take and we move on.


Kent; Griffiths (S) Isles; Sheather, Page, Merrett; Griffiths (R) Enfield, Smithson, Andrews, Tallett

Position  9/12


21.10/2017 Faversham Ladies 0 Marden Russets 4


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game.


14.10.2017 Blackheath 2 Faversham Ladies 0


07.10.2017 Faversham Ladies 1 Cobdown 4


30.09.2017 Bromley & Beccs 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies have unfortunately had to concede this game. They will hope to regroup and have a full squad available for next weeks game against Cobdown at the Westlands.


Position  9/12



23.09.2017 Faversham Ladies 0 New Beccahamian Ladies 3's 1


The ladies were finally able to start off their campaign with a home match against the side relegated with us last season. With Libby Andrews and Kate Merrett making their club debuts at Right Back and Right Half respectively the Ladies team of 9 knew this would be a baptism of fire to Division 5 life.


New Beccs were able to use their two-player advantage to break up the Fav attacks and the Ladies spent most of the first half defending their goal, however there were some occasions when Sheila Enfield on the forward line could use her experience to chase down several defensive clearances and provide some sort of respite to the defenders. Captain Clare Smithson and fellow forward Rachel Griffiths were chasing back and the team defended as a unit, with New Beccs only able to take pot shots at the Fav goal. The Ladies fully deserved to reach half time at 0-0.


Virtually after the restart New Beccs took the lead with a shot into the far corner of the goal and this motivated the Ladies to push forward more - with several forays into the oppo 23 they were unlucky not to  equalise with an effort from Smithson that went just over the bar. A tremendous effort to keep chasing the length of the pitch from all three of the Fav halves, with them all pushing forward to support their forward line and then also tracking back when necessary. The two defenders played out of their skin to hold the ball up just long enough for the rest of the team to get back into position and defend. New Beccs just could not make their numerical advantage count and the Ladies did not concede any short corners at all in the second half while able to gain 3 of their own from attacks that were far more regular.


A fantastic team performance and the effort put in by every single player should be commended. The Ladies will be dangerous when they are able to field a full team !


Isles; Griffiths (S) Andrews; Sheather, Page, Merrett; Griffiths (R) Smithson (c) Enfield.

Position 4/12



16.09.2017 Faversham Ladies 4 Dartford 3's 0


Starting this season in Division 5 after relegation Fav Ladies were determined to start the season positively, with all players desperate to claim the goals from this drubbing of Dartford..

In reality - Dartford conceding this first game means that we are already nearly half way to achieving last seasons points total - and we may appear in the top half of the table for once !

Sympathy to Dartford - we have been on the wrong end of this so many times. Wish them the best for getting a team together.

Position 2/12




2016-2017 Season.


25.3.2017 Remnants 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies unfortunately had to concede this game. Since the reversal of fixtures in December Fav have had to concede 8 games which has us finishing the season propping up the rest of the division.


The Ladies will hopefully still be playing next season in Division 5.


18.3.2017 Faversham Ladies 0 Folkestone Optimists 4


The Ladies unfortunately had to concede this game.


11.3.2017 Blackheath and OEs 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies unfortunately had to concede this game.


4.3.2017 Faversham Ladies 1 Herne Bay Ladies 5


Playing for the first time since the end of November with a full team of 11 the Ladies welcomed back Olivia Page for this local derby for her first game of the season and the first half showed just what Faversham could be playing like if they had a full team available for each and every game.

Going 0-1 down to a well worked Bay routine the Ladies kept on running, with "Maddie Winks" running at the Herne Bay defence, keeping the 'keeper on her toes and the Bay defence to panic. A free hit was awarded outside of the area and Left Half Alison Sheather played a quick ball in which Clare Smithson poked past the keeper. A first half showing of positivity and for the type of hockey we all know Fav can play when they are on their game.

Second half was a different story, Herne Bay turned up a gear and Fav conceded two quick goals and began to defend deeper and deeper with only the occasional break out. Lack of gametime began to show and tiredness set in.

However as always there are positives and while conceding 2 short corners on the last play of both halves the Fab 5 Fav defence can be proud to have kept out an entire opposition team twice -  the forwards view of the opposing short coner was nothing if not scary !

This result has now left Fav mathematically unable to finish outside of the bottom two for the division and the team are almost certainly facing relegation to Division 5. A harsh reality for a small club that has a small catchment area and whose local schools do not encourage hockey, the Ladies will have to be on a recruitment drive over the summer and hope that those members of the team who have been unable to play this season return from their injuries.


Kent; Griffiths (S) Isles; Sheather, Page, Cameron; Chapman, Smithson, Winks, Page, Enfield.

Position 12 /12


25.2.2017 Gravesend Ladies 2s 3 Faversham Ladies 2


The Ladies were again able to muster only 10 players for this lunchtime game at Gravesend, although the performance of the 10 had the opposition believing they were actually playing 11.

Gravesend scored first from a well drilled short corner routine and then doubled their lead shortly after when a shot beat 'keeper Lyn Kent at her near post. Just after half time Rachel Griffiths started a mazy run and dribbled her way past several members of the Gravesend defence before beating the keeper and hitting the backboard which spurred the Ladies on to keep pushing for an equaliser.

Sadly for the Ladies, Gravesend managed to score again after a cross in from their left had one Fav defender marking two forwards. Yet again the Ladies didnt give up and pushed on and when Karen Page provided a fast cross from the right wing Skipper Clare Smithson tapped a shot in to create an interesting last 10 minutes.

Unlucky to not get a further goal Fav kept pushing on - with all halves playing well up into the Gravesend half. The final whistle just come too early for the Ladies who will take heart and confidence from the game ready for next week's home derby match gaianst Herne Bay. A fantastic performance despite the scoreline. Could luck finally be turning for the Ladies ??


Kent; Griffiths (S) Isles; Sheather, Page, Cameron; Chapman, Smithson, Griffiths (R) Enfield.

Position 12 /12



11.2.2017 New Beccahamians 4 Faversham Ladies 0


Another game that Faversham had to concede has them now propping up the rest of the division, 2 points behind New Beccs and 3 points behind Gravesend, who have 3 games in hand on Fav. It looks increasingly likely that the Ladies will be relegated at the end of this season due to having only played 2 out of the last 7 games - and those played were with only 10 players against full teams. Prior to this Fav were 8th in the division and were more than holding their own.


Fav will be desperately hoping that results this coming weekend go their way and also for 11 fit players - plus a couple of substitutes - for the next away game on Saturday 25th February v Gravesend so that we can eat into that points difference.


Position 12 /12


4.2.2017 Faversham Ladies 0 Holcombe 9


Faversham were finally able to kickstart 2017 with a game, however could only summon 10 players for this home game against an unrecognisable Holcombe team, beaten by the Ladies last October.


The lack of game time showed with the Ladies finding it hard to compete against the Holcombe 11 and they struggled with only brief forays into the oppo half. Several short corners were won and some tidy attacks showed the commitment of the players, however playing with 10 v 11 after 2 months without a game will always be a huge hurdle to overcome. Several members of the team were carrying heavy colds while others were playing directly after a night shift - however the commitment, skill and fight in the team are still very much in evidence.

On the back foot for much of the game the Ladies will chalk this one up to experience and just be thankful for a run out.


However it was an occasion for the team to finally gather and celebrate Skipper Clare Smithson's (large) birthday, with a cake made by RB Lucy Cameron. Whatever the result - the cake was good ! We will hope to form a team to play away against New Beccs next week in a real must win game.


Kent; Griffiths (S) Cameron; Sheather, Page, Isles; Chapman, Smithson, Griffiths (R) Enfield.

Position 11 /12



28.01.2017 Kings Alleyn 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies unfortunately have had to concede this game as well, we now have not managed to play since December. Seriously need some squad members that are fit and able to play if anyone fancies it..?


Position  11 /12


21.01.2017 Faversham Ladies 0 Burnt Ash (Bexley) Ladies 4th X1 4


The Ladies unfortunately had to concede this game.


Position 11 /12


14.01.2017 Bexleyheath & Belvedere Ladies 3rd XI 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies unfortunately had to concede this game.


Position 11 /12


10.12.2016 Faversham Ladies 0 Marden Russets 4


The Ladies unfortunately had to concede this game.


Best wishes are extended to all team members for a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year. Fingers crossed all those carrying injuries are fighting fit for the first game of 2017.


Position 11 /12


3.12.2016 Faversham Ladies 1 Remnants 5


With a depleted squad of 10 for this fixture at Westlands and with several of those available also carrying injuries The Ladies were always going to find this 6-pointer a tough game.

The first half was a feisty encounter between two teams playing for points, with a heavily disputed second goal causing ill feeling on the pitch. Fav went into the break feeling aggrieved that luck will just not go the teams way.

As always the team will look for the positives and play with passion and pride until the final whistle. Lisa Chapman made her debut at Right Back after 30+ years of playing hockey, with some terrific interceptions and good positioning, Sheila Enfield scored her first of the season after receiving a cross from Karen Page on the right wing and the entire team avoiding any sort of card after the controversial second goal is a miracle in itself.

Marking her birthday with yet another heavy blow to a limb (for the third week running) Karen Page had to leave the field of play for the last 10 minutes of the game, with Fav playing out the fixture with 9 against the 11. The team will hope that Karen is not too badly injured.

The Ladies will now rest up, nurse the injuries received in this game and thus far in 2016 and hope that a full squad, plus substitutes - will be available for January 2017.


Position  11 /12

Kent; Griffiths, Chapman; Sheather, Page, Isles; Warrener, Smithson, Enfield, Mears




26.11.2016 Folkestone Optimists 3 Faversham Ladies 0


The scoreline yet again suggests a pasting for the Ladies, however they can take positives from this game forward into next weekends 6-pointer and hope that Lady Luck decides to smile on them finally.

Starting well and with play ebbing and flowing in this afternoon clash the Ladies had reasons to be hopeful, however they finished the half a goal behind after a ball struck "Optimistically" with more hope than pace squeezed between the 'keeper and post just before half time.

During the second half Fav yet again kept trying to break out, and several excursions into the opposition half proved the quality of the Optimist goalkeeper, who made saves from Hodgkinson, Lawrence and Smithson, Fav were also unlucky not to have an attacker at the end of several crosses put in by winger Rachel Griffiths. The Optimists however began to win short corners themselves and inevitably the 4 Ladies defenders could not keep defending against numbers and a shot hit the backboard, giving Fav another mountain to climb.

The final play of the game resulted in yet another Optimist short corner, allowing the team to pick their pass and shoot, giving them a flattering scoreline as a result.

Fav will reconvene at the Westlands next weekend against bottom of the table Remnants  for a must-win game and will hope that they finally get some luck and the chance to get stuck into that goal difference.


Position  8 /12

Kent; Griffiths (S), Enfield; Sheather, Page, Isles; Hodgkinson, Lawrence-Smith, Smithson, Lawrrence, Griffiths (R)



19.11.2016 Faversham Ladies 0 Blackheath and OEs 4


Fav's defence was tested during this game, however The Ladies can feel aggrieved that luck did not run their way for this game at the Westlands.

Reaching half time with the score goalless Fav's back line had combined well to hold off repeated attacks by the Blackheath forwards. There had also been forays by our own forward line into the opposition half that boded well for creating goalscoring opportunities in the second half. Certainly the first half was hockey being played by an experienced and disciplined team.

10 minutes into the second half however Fav had conceded 2 swift goals, the first a well taken hit that beat the keeper at her near post and the second an unfortunate attempted clearance from RH Sue Isles that rebounded over the line after hitting the back leg of retreating 'keeper Lyn Kent. Luck was not with Faversham and two further goals followed from a Blackheath team who seemed to have a point to prove, with some feisty exchanges with both Fav players and umpire. Hodgkinson was unlucky not to grab a goal back with her cross shot that skimmed across an open goal and Skipper Smithson had a couple of half opportunities that she could not quite convert.

Fav can congratulate themselves for keeping their dignity when provoked during this game and for not conceding from any of the short corners awarded, or indeed for breaking too early after the injection was repeatedly feinted.

Fav will reconvene for an early afternoon game at Folkestone next weekend, enjoy their lay-ins and hope for a reversal in fortune and luck.


Position   8 /12

Kent; Griffiths (S), Cameron; Sheather, Page, Isles; Hodgkinson, Lawrence-Smith, Smithson, Enfield,Griffiths (R) Chapman.


12.11.2016 Herne Bay Ladies 3 v Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies travelled to their local rivals hopeful of a result against a team that were holding third in Division 4, however the Ladies (many) years of experience could not compensate for the youthful exhuberance that greeted them from Herne Bay.

Last years victory in the corresponding fixture and their recent results meant Fav could go into this derby match in a positive frame of mind, however from push back they were on the defensive and much of the first 20 minutes was played in the Fav half. Brief forays forward were defended well by Herne Bay and their young team passed well to each other before the inevitable goal came for them. Fav then conceded again almost immediately through a Karen Page own goal that wrongfooted the 'keeper.

This rallied Fav and they began to play better, with excursions deeper into the Herne Bay half and just before half time were unlucky with a Hodgkinson reverse swing that skimmed across the goal.

Another goal ten minutes from the end stopped any Fav revival in its tracks however the scoreline potentially flatters Herne Bay as there were many positives to take from the match. Fav will be hoping to reverse the scoreline when Herne Bay visit Westlands and will also hope that the bruises from this encounter heal swiftly.

Next game is at Westlands against Blackheath, who lie just ahead of Faversham in the table.


Position   8 /12

Kent; Griffiths, Cameron; Sheather, Page, Isles; Hodgkinson, Lawrence-Smith, Smithson, Enfield, Winks. Mears.


5.11.2016 Faversham Ladies 3 Gravesend 2


The Ladies welcomed back another long term absentee for this fixture against Gravesend with Beverly Warrener returning to the fold and being pitched straight into action for this game at the Westlands.

Starting well Fav kept the ball in the oppo half, with the forward line rotating positions well and Emma Winks creating panic in the Gravesend defence each time she ran at them in the 'D'. With a couple of short corners to get the sighting right the tried and trusted short corner routine finally worked, with the push out from Sheila Enfield being stopped by Alison Sheather, who then passsed to Karen Page, who let fly with a shot that hit the back board with a bang.

Gravesend equalised a few moments afterwards with a shot from within the 'D' which seemed to travel in slow motion past keeper Lyn Kent and the sides entered the break sharing the spoils.

Fav kept pushing onto the Gravesend defence which saw another few short corners awarded but not converted and play ebbed and flowed from one end of the pitch to the other. Finally Skipper Clare Smithson ran at the Gravesend defence with the ball from halfway and was able to pass to an unmarked Warrener, who let fly with a shot to mark her seasons debut with a goal. Returning the favour shortly aftrwards Warrener was able to pass to Smithson, who connected well with the ball to give Fav a 3-1 lead.

Gravesend kept fighting and with each attack they stretched the Fav defence with their pace and one touch passing, finally managing to pull a goal back which left Fav hanging on for the final tense minutes of the game.

This victory moves Fav up to 8th in the table and will give the team some confidence ahead of their derby game with Herne Bay next weekend.


Position 8/12

Kent; Griffiths (S), Cameron; Sheather, Page, Isles; Warrener, Griffiths (R), Smithson, Enfield, Winks.



29.10.2016 Faversham Ladies 1 New Beccahamians 1


The Ladies returned after their international break with a squad of 12 available for this home game against the team placed just above them in the league. With the oppo arriving in their usual kit of green shirts and socks Fav had to play in their 'away' kit - despite being the home team.

The game started well for Fav, the forward line holding the ball up well and the makeshift defence holding, despite some physical duels. Play went to and fro, with more chances falling to Fav who could either not quite connect to a cross or were pulled up for fouls at the crucial moments.

New Beccs took the lead against the run of play, with a goalmouth melee which eventually saw the ball crossed over the line. Fav kept their heads and pulled a goal back 10 minutes later through Chrissy Lawrence after a pass into the 'D' from Emma Winks. The home team kept pushing for that elusive winner but time just run out.

Fav will look forward to next weeks '6-pointer' clash with Gravesend - who went above Faversham for the first time this season after their 6-0 win against Holcombe took them up to 8th. A few teams all within touching distance means a win could bowl Fav up into the top half of the table.

Fav welcomed back Liz Mears for this contest - returning to Faversham after 10 years and she settled in immediately - getting the priorities right by purchasing the post game drinks!


Position 11/12

Kent; Griffiths (S),Enfield; Lawrence, Page, Isles; Chapman, Griffiths (R), Smithson, Hodgkinson, Winks. Mears



15.10.2016 Holcombe 1 Faversham Ladies 2


The Ladies took their first win of the season  in some style on the number one pitch at Holcombe, live under the scoreboard which emblazoned the win for all of 10 seconds at the end of the game!

A spectacular solo goal from Emma Winks, running the ball from defence to shoot calmly past the keeper opened the scoring for Fav. Conceding a short corner the team went into the break 1-1 after a shot from the edge of the D brought an equaliser from a young Holcombe team. Remaining positive, playing well as a unit and feeling as though a result could be achieved, finally the breakthrough came with Fav skipper Clare Smithson connecting to a right wing cross from Winks, settling some nerves and enabling Fav to climb up the division to the dizzy heights of tenth.


Position 10/12

Kent; Griffiths (S),Cameron; Sheather, Page, Isles; Hodgkinson, Lawrence, Smithson, Enfield, Winks. Chapman



8.10.2016 Faversham Ladies 0 Kings Alleyn 4


The Ladies had 12 players available for the second of their home fixtures of the season and had high hopes of carrying on the fine performance from their last game. Starting well they held their own, with forays into the oppo half and defending well as a unit. Kings then stepped up a gear and Fav were forced to defend a succession of short corners given by a very stringent umpire, which eventually saw Kings working a routine that drew all of their attackers into the D and saw a simple tap in from an unmarked attacker at the back post.

A spectacular own goal then followed from Sue Isles after a shot from a Kings attacker that looped past Keeper Lyn Kent's ear after rebounding of the defenders stick. Another goal from Kings shortly after again left Kent with no chance and had Fav heading into half time 3 goals shy.

The Ladies kept their heads down and kept playing and tried to create opportunities, with the best chance coming from the returning Rachel Griffiths, whose cross from the right wing flew directly across the front of the goal and had Clare Smithson just unable to stretch far enough to connect. The team can take confidence from not conceding any further with Kings only scoring again with the very last shot of the game.

Fav will now play the last game before the 'International Break' away at Holcombe next weekend after resting and nursing the bruises from this encounter. They will hope to have a full team available for selection and able to carry the positives from this game forward.

Best wishes also extended to umpire David Oxlade from the ladies who hope to see him again next week and many thanks to Gore Court for providing an umpire for this game.


Position 11/12

Kent; Griffiths(S), Isles; Sheather, Page, Enfield; Chapman, Winks, Smithson, Hodgkinson, Lawrence-Smith. Griffiths(R)



1.10.2016 Burnt Ash (Bexley) Ladies 4th X1 4 Faversham Ladies 0


The Ladies unfortunately had to concede this game.


Position 11/12


24.09.2016 Faversham Ladies 1 Bexleyheath & Belvedere Ladies 3rd XI 1


The Ladies started their first 2016/17 home game against Bexleyheath & Belvedere, another side new to Division 4 following their relegation in the previous season. Starting with a full team of 11 and with the luxury of 2 substitutes, Fav were even able to give a debut to new "signing" Kate Hodgkinson.

With the return of Emma Winks and Karen Page this week the Ladies started on the front foot, determined to reduce their goal deficit and they spent most of the first half playing positive, passing hockey and creating chances that kept the opposition 'keeper on her toes. Winning several short corners the Ladies kept attacking but could just not carve out a goal.

BBHC had a few attacks of their own but were kept at bay by a defensive unit that were well used to each others game and they looked unlikely to score until they won a short corner 2 minutes from the end of the half. The incoming pushed ball was hit at pace low down to 'keeper Lyn Kent's right side which hit the back board with a thump.

Fav came out for the second half determined not to concede again and to create that goal scoring opportunity. The introduction of Hodgkinson who chased down the opposition each time they had the ball and the running of Emma Winks combined to pressurize the opposition and a free hit was finally won in the attacking third. Karen Page stepped up and let drive with a hard pass into the D towards skipper Clare Smithson, who got in front of her marker and diverted the ball with pin point accuracy into the far corner of the goal, leaving the keeper firmly rooted to the spot, unable to deal with the speed of the shot.

Fav will be pleased that they kept on running throughout the game although will be disappointed that their pressure could not grant them a winner on this occasion.


Position 11/12

Kent; Griffiths, Cameron; Sheather, Page, Isles; Chapman, Winks, Smithson, Enfield, Philpott. Hodgkinson, Lawrence-Smith.


17.09.2016 Marden Russets 8 Faversham Ladies 0


At first glance the result makes this look like a real drubbing for the Ladies first match of 2016/17, however there were many positives to come out of the match - least of all no injuries, strains or broken bones!

Marden started the game confidently and used their first sight of the Fav goal to unleash a shot that fizzed past goalie Lyn Kent's ear at a rate of knots. The Fav defence were left in shock at the technique, speed and accuracy of the shot, rarely seen by players during a Division 4 game. Further forays into the Fav half produced further success for Marden with another 3 goals coming in the first half from the same 2 players.

The second half carried the same scoreline but with Lyn Kent saving several shots, however she had no luck with others aimed with unerring accuracy into both top and bottom corners of the goal. A string of short corners were defended successfully, despite Fav's number one runner Alison 'Usain' Sheather being sent to the halfway line on two seperate occasions for breaking out before the whistle.

Fav could muster only 10 players for this early morning (10am?!) season opener, with Michelle Lawrence-Smith returning to the team after a year and the return of Becky Philpott after injury. Fitness levels from the team were good considering no summer training and most of the  players not touching a ball since the end of the season last March.

In conclusion Marden made their extra numbers count and their attackers certainly knew how to hit a ball and shield it from defenders. Fav however can take positives from stringing several attacks together and putting pressure on the Marden defence when they could get off the back foot and players forward. Teamwork was much in evidence and the communication for marking and defending was excellent.

Fav will rest up, nurse some stiff and aching backs and return to Westlands next week with hopefully a full strength side.


Position 12/12

Kent; Griffiths, Cameron; Sheather, Philpott, Isles; Chapman, Smithson, Enfield, Lawrence-Smith.



2015-2016 Season.




19.03.2016 Burnt Ash 4 Faversham 1


Faversham played this last match of the season with a squad of just 10 - with several key players unavailable.

The squad has been severely depleted since Christmas with injuries and illness and this last game of the season proved to be no different. With players out of position and a first outing for the season for Becky Philpott after injury Fav were always going to struggle. Conceding immediately ffrom the push back the Ladies gave themselves a mountain to climb.

With the scoreline looking quite harsh there were moments when Fav produced some quality hockey, but sadly the rotation of the oppo with a full team of substitutes to call on held sway.

An end of a season that sees Fav finish 8th and survive for yet another season in Division 4.


12.3.2016 Faversham 4 Meopham 0


Faversham had one of their finest results of the season in this must win game at Westlands.

With a full squad available for the fixture each member of the team played out of their skin to get the 3 points. With intricate control, flowing moves, a positive forward line, a creative midfield and a rock steady defence the Ladies will look back on this game as being the highlight of the season - with the three points ensuring survival in Division 4 for next season.

In reality - Meopham conceded and gifted Faversham the points taking their total for 21, ensuring that the Ladies finish the season above both Meopham and Holcombe, who have played one game more and cannot now catch Faversham.

The Ladies will look forward to their final game of the season next week against Burnt Ash, playing for pride and a higher position in the table with the relegation pressure off.


5.03.16 Gravesend 5 Faversham 0


Another week where illness ravaged the team and Faversham played a game with a team of 9. An uphill battle for the Ladies against a side who used their extra players well and passed around the Faversham players. Faversham will hope that for next weeks game against bottom of the league Meopham they have a full team to ensure 3 points and help stave off relegation fears.


27.02.16 Faversham 1 Holcombe 1


After conceding due to illness and injury last week Faversham again only started with a squad of 9 for this fixture at Westlands.

With the 8 outfield players getting their sticks into tackles and running from end to end in support of each other Faversham took the lead halfway through the first half from a short corner - with Karen Page connecting well from Alison Sheather's layoff - the old short corner routine working well with Sheila Enfield providing the flick out.

The defence held well - with Faversham playing with a 2-2-4 combination and most of Holcombes attacks coming down their right through the same player the experience of Favershams left side - indeed the only side with some regularity of positions and players - meant that most shots were dealt with well at source. Communication was key between the players in marking space and the team play and performance has got to go down as one of the best this season.

There will remain some controversy over the equaliser from Holcombe with the Faversham defence all stopping after they believed the ball to have gone out of play - however Holcombe played to the whistle and got their goal.

A point prior to the game would have been taken by most of the team however Fav will feel disappointed not to have taken the full 3 points after their performance and the way in which the equaliser was conceded.

Onto next weeks lunchtime game at Gravesend- with the hope that the team members who are ill can recover from the ailments affecting them.


20.02.16 New Beccahamians 4 Faversham 0


With illness and injury affecting the squad this half term Faversham were unable to raid the local bus stops or nursing homes and had to concede the 3 points - moving down a place in the division to just behind New Beccs.

Faversham will be hoping all squad members are fit and raring to go for next weeks home game against Holcombe.


06.02.16 Faversham 0 Herne Bay 0


With a squad of 13 available for the return leg of the local derby Faversham were at full strength with the return of Karen Page and Lucy Cameron.

Despite the incredibly windy and gusty conditions and the look of the scoreline Fav had probably their finest game of the season - the team worked well together and several chances were carved out, with crosses and shots into the D that those on the forward line could just not quite connect with.

At the other end of the field the defence kept Herne Bay at the edge of their D and limited them to just two shots on target and two short corners - both of which were dealt with well.

Probably the most passionate performance of the season from Faversham; with some great comunication and teamwork, well timed tackles and the determination to beat the conditions they overcome the oppositions youthfulness and high energy and will take some confidence into the next away game at New Beccs.


30.1.2016 Sevenoaks 7's 1 Faversham 3 (Friendly)


Faversham will be pleased to finally return to winning ways, albeit with this as a friendly game and no points involved.

Again missing 2 members of their usual team the makeshift defence held well for Saturday's late game hosted by Sevenoaks. An opening goal from Lisa Chapman, followed by 2 goals from Skipper Clare Smithson will do wonders for the confidence of the team as they look forward to next weeks derby game against rivals Herne Bay.


23.9.2016 Faversham 0 Bromley & Beckenham 8


Perhaps this one just needs to be chalked up to experience and moved on from quickly.

A scoreline that belies the team spirit shown in a match where Faversham started without two key players and others playing out of position.

Looking forward to next weeks friendly against Sevenoaks where the Ladies will hope for a return in confidence and form before the local derby with Herne Bay the following week.


16.9.16 Blackheath and OE's Ladies 3's 5 Faversham 0


Another day to forget for Faversham after their trip to a very cold Blackheath, travelling with a squad of 12.

With Lady Luck seemingly not sitting on any of the Ladies shoulders every touch by the opposition seemed to work in their favour. 5 goals was possibly a bit harsh to concede - the teams play did not deserve that at all - however the team will take consolation in a goal scored, this time Skipper Clare Smithson finishing off the move.

2016 just hasnt started well for the Ladies and they will be looking forward to hosting the current league leaders at the Westlands School next week in the hope that we can return to the form showed last year.


9.1.16 Sevenoaks 4 Faversham 0


Faversham will be wishing that the New Year could begin again after this result at a very wet and miserable Sevenoaks ground.

Travelling with a squad of 13 for this first game of 2016 Faversham had reason to be optimistic after the 1-1 draw at Westlands earlier in the season. The optimism soon began to fade however after a vicious shot from Sevenoaks from the edge of the D ripped into the Faversham goal at a rate of knots. Fav could only marvel at the technique used to hit the ball with the inside of the stick - the talent required for the shot not usually associated with our Division's teams. Fav stuck at their tasks and did not let their heads drop however a second goal from a short corner followed leaving Faversham trailing at the break.

The onset of heavy rain in the second half did not make the task any easier and Faversham conceded another goal, again from the edge of the D, before the conditions contrived to trip up Lyn Kent in goal and Faversham conceded a fourth.

The heaviest defeat of the season thus far and Faversham will travel to Blackheath next weeek hoping for a change in fortune and luck.


5.12.15 Faversham 1 Folkestone Optimists 3


Faversham welcomed Folkestone for the first of the return fixtures to a very windy and gusty Westlands.

With a team of just 11 available for this last match before the Christmas break Fav were always going to be struggling with the conditions. Sheila Enfield dropped her usual forward line duties and used her experience to cover the Left Half position, however the Faversham defence were soon in trouble, with the Optimists pushing forward down their right hand side. They duly scored a goal and Faversham were on the back foot - which they stayed on for the rest of the game.

Struggling with the conditions Fav went another goal down, just unable to find the form that they had been enjoying 2 or 3 games previously.

Captain 'Mrs Vardy' Smithson pulled a goal back in the second half to continue her scoring streak after a midfield interception passed the ball onto Emma Winks, but again the Optimists came back and scored another goal, leaving Faversham a mountain to climb - even with the wind behind the team !

Fav can be pleased that two short corners were defended without score and that they held onto their discipline levels this week, despite the Game Faces being much in evidence.


A 5 week festive break now beckons for the team, who will be hoping that Santa provides a sack full of luck for the New Year.


28.11.15 Faversham 2 Burnt Ash 4


It would be easy for Faversham to pass this result off as a bad day at the office, however there were several positives to take from the game.

Returning after a two week break Faversham started well and took the lead, with good build up play from midfiled. Alexia Wilton showed  awareness that the Burnt Ash goalkeeper was running out and she laid the ball off for the onrushing Clare Smithson to score her 10th goal of the season.

Burnt Ash equalised within two minutes and then went ahead from a well drilled short corner.

Early in the second half the opposition’s umpire deemed that Right Half Sue Isles used her foot to deliberately stop the ball and showed her a green card. New rules this year saw her leave the field for two minutes. Faversham rallied well and the score line remained unchanged during this time.

Strong defending made for a frustrating time for the opposition but their persistence paid off and they eventually took a 3-1 lead.

Emma Wink made several good individual runs only to be thwarted by the Burnt Ash goalkeeper. Faversham continued to press when Lisa Chapman squared the ball to Sheila Enfield who controlled and hit the ball in to the goal past the oncoming keeper for her second goal of the season.

Burnt Ash’s fitness and slick passing told in the end and they scored a fourth goal to secure the three points.

Faversham are again at home to Folkestone this Saturday and it will be the last game before the Christmas break. This is the first of the reversed fixtures and Faversham will be pleased that after the first round they lie 5th in Dvision 4.


21.11.15 Meopham 0 Faversham 4


Faversham battled the sub-arctic conditions for this match against Meopham at Gravesend's Rugby Club. With intricate passing from all members of the team, slick interceptions, showing skill and dribbling ability that had the capacity crowd on its feet they overcome Meopham with ease.

Or, in reality, Meopham conceded and Faversham have a Saturday off.

A 4 goal win that pushes Fav up to second in the table and with 16 points has us already beating last seasons total points tally.

Looking forward to next weeks also promotion chasing hopefuls, Bexley.


14.11.15 Faversham 3 Gravesend Ladies 0


A squad of 12 was available for this fixture at Westlands with both Lucy Cameron and Lisa Chapman returning from holiday.

Gravesend started the match with 9 players before another arrived a few minutes into the first half. Faversham capitalised on their advantage and went a goal ahead through skipper Clare Smithson early on after a move started from Lucy Cameron in defence, with the ball moved through the midfield onto Lisa Chapman to swing a cross into the D and for Smithson to push the ball past the 'keeper.

Faversham then won a succession of short corners, taken with no success before a shot from Alison Sheather from the edge of the area hit the backboard for her first goal of the season.

Faversham continued to work well together and a number of chances were created before midway into the second half Clare Smithson gained her second of the game, Favershams third, again from a Lisa Chapman cross.

Faversham are showing a rich vein of form currently, wilth all members of the team contributing to some fantastic performances. The team are communicating well with each other, interceptions are being made, opponents are being closed down and this all combined to give a first league clean sheet for 'keeper Lyn Kent and her team in defence. A positive goal difference means that Faversham finished the day in 4th place in Division 4, a position vertigo inducing to a team that are usually mid-table !

Special mention must go to Olivia Page, the youngest member of the team who celebrated her 18th birthday this weekend. Pictures are available in the Gallery of her cake and her team of Aunties and Mum celebrating post game with her.


07.11.15 Holcombe 1 Faversham 2


Faversham travelled to Holcombe with a squad of just 10 for this game against a team who hadn't won since the opening game of the season.

Within the first two minutes Holcombe had scored, the Faversham defence all stepping back off of the ball and watching a shot from the edge of the 'D' angled into the far corner of 'keeper Lyn Kent's goal.

This didnt panic Faversham however and the onset of heavy rain seemed to work in the teams favour, with the ball moving quicker across the surface. The forward line were constantly moving between positions and Olivia Page took the opportunity to move forward down the right wing and send a cross in for Skipper Clare Smithson to equalise. Another cross from the right from Karen Page flew across the face of goal just begging for a deflection, however on this occasion the Faversham forward line couldnt quite connect. Promising at half time that if a cross come in again like it she would score, Clare Smithson made good her promise ten minutes into the second half, providing a flick into the corner from Karen Page's cross from the right.

Faversham conceded their first short corner shortly afterwards after some pressure however Holcombe couldn't capitalise and Faversham held onto the win.

A heroic performance from the team of 10 to defeat the younger team, with some bumps and bruises to show for the cold and damp mornings exercise. Next week Faversham return to Westlands with several players available again after holidays and will hope to keep alive the winning momentum.



31.10.2015 Faversham 1 New Beccahamians 1


Faversham hosted New Beccahamians for a Halloween game against a team well known to Faversham through previous fixtures.

New Beccs arrived early at the Westlands ground and proved the freshest of starters scoring early in the first half. Faversham slowly built their momentum and equalised through a shot from Skipper Clare Smithson, watched by all the New Beccs defence and 'keeper as they believed the shot to be going wide.

Emma Wink continued to provide impetus going forward down the left and fantastic team play yet again meant that Faversham worked together to secure a point against the second placed team in the league. Communication between the players and the will to not be beaten was epitomised towards the end of the game by the defence running from one end of the pitch to another after a break out from a Fav short corner, with the ever youthful Sheila Enfield covering metres of ground and providing a timely interception.

A hard fought, physical game ending with a draw and point well deserved. Faversham travel to Holcombe next weekend hoping they can build on the foundations of the last few performances and gain 3 points.


17.10.15 Herne Bay 2's 1 Faversham 2


Faversham travelled to their local rivals with their confidence high after last weeks friendly success against Sevenoaks and boasted a squad of 12 for this local derby game.

Starting well Faversham pushed forward and eventually gained a short corner, pushed out by Emma Winks and then finished by herself after a deflected shot from Karen Page. Faversham carried on the momentum with Clare Smithson finishing past the 'keeper after an initial shot from Lisa Chapman.

2-0 up within 15 minutes meant that Herne Bay had given themselves a lot to do to for the rest of the match. They pulled one back from a short corner of their own which crept in at head height past Lyn Kent, who stood no chance with the power and accuracy of the shot.

Faversham held on, with both teams tiring at the end after the initial fast pace of the game. Faversham used their experience to mark space and make interceptions and held on to take their first win of the season over their local rivals. A sweet team victory indeed.


10.10.15 Faversham 9 Sevenoaks 7's 0 (Friendly)


03.10.15 Bromley and Beckenham 5's 3 Faversham 0


26.09.15 Faversham 1 Blackheath and OE's Ladies 3's 1


19.09.15 Faversham 1 Sevenoaks 6's 1


12.09.15 Folkestone Optimists 1 Faversham 1


Faversham travelled to newly-promoted Folkestone for this seasons opener with a team of 11 - welcoming back Right Back Lucy Cameron after she had given birth back in March.

Faversham started with their usual vigour, Emma Winks running directly at the opposition and putting the defence under pressure. Folkestone were also lively pressing forward and gained several consecutive short corners, one of these just prior to half time resulting in a goalmouth melee and the ball trickling in just inside the far post.

The second half opened with the same open play, Faversham roaming into the opposition half and their experience slowly starting to pay off and putting pressure on the young Folkestone defence. Folkestone however took a shot at the Fav goal which an acrobatic dive from 'keeper Lyn Kent just managed to keep out. This provided added impetus for Faversham and after several short corners of their own enough pressure was put on the Optimist defence to clear their lines with a high ball. While everyone of the Optimists stopped Alison Sheather brought the ball down from head height and passed to an unmarked Clare Smithson - who one on one with the goalie made no mistake in slotting through for her first of the season.

Play travelled back and forth with both teams tiring in this season opener, resulting in a draw that was fair to both teams.




2014-15 Season.


21.03.15 Old Bordenians 2 Faversham 2


Faversham's visit to high flying local rivals Old Bordenians ended with them taking what could be a vital point in their battle against relegation. After disappointing losses to Herne Bay and Maidstone, Faversham produced a stirring performance against their 2nd placed hosts. Having withstood the home team's early pressure, Faversham went into half time with a 1-0 lead, thanks to a brilliant individual goal from Emma Wink, who picked up the ball on half way and ran purposefully at the home defence, ultimately leaving herself facing the 'keeper and calmly slotting the ball home. Just after half time Faversham made it two as Olivia Page was set free by Sheila Enfield and found herself one on one with the 'keeper - having sold her a great dummy, she too showed great composure to walk the ball in. Unfortuantely for Faversham, going two goals down inspired the home team to their best period of hockey and they pulled it back to 2-1. Then with 5 minutes left, they netted an equaliser. Faversham hung on bravely to preserve the well earned point, which leaves them 3 points clear of Maidstone with a better goal difference. It all concludes next weekend as Faversham entertain New Beccs


21.02.15 Gravesend 1 Faversham 1


Faversham's goal drought ended and a valuable point was gained with a 1-1 draw away at Gravesend. The home team started well and went a goal up in the first half, but Faversham equalised just after the break, albeit via a slightly fortunate own goal, deflected in from Karen Page's venomous hit. The point was fully deserved though as both teams enjoyed good spells of play but neither was able to break down the opposing defences. Faversham also faced some overly officious umpiring, with the Silver Fox close to receiving a green card (!) and survived a succession of short corners right at the death.


16.01.15 Last 2 games end in defeat, despite improved performance

Faversham were unable to convert two good performances into points, slipping to defeat against Burnt Ash and Sevenoaks. They now face Gravesend at the weekend in a crucial match in the battle to avoid relegation.


31.01.15 BromBecks 0 Faversham 0


After the luxury of having 13 players available last week, Faversham were forced to travel to a freezing Beckenham with only 10! However those 10 performed brilliantly to come away with a well deserved point. Everyone played their part with some dogged defence and some useful attacking play. Faversham did get the ball in the net, but creditably owned up to a kick which was seen by everyone bar the umpire! BromBecks had some good attacking play but lacked an end product and Lyn Kent was rarely troubled. Faversham now host Burnt Ash and will be hoping to have a full squad available.


In other news...the legendary Sheila 'Foxy' Enfield hit the big 6-0 (yes sixty) just before Christmas and was presented with a commemorative cake after Saturdays game. A great example to all of us! See our Gallery for the evidence.


24.01.15 Faversham 0 Dartford 1


Faversham began the new year with 13 players available and an excellent performance against unbeaten league leaders Dartford. After withstanding some early Dartford pressure, the home team really grew into the game playing some of their best hockey of the season, but could not quite find the breakthrough. They defended doggedly and looked to have secured what would have been a magnificent point when the visitors struck with 2 minutes left on the clock. A disappointing end to a great match but Faversham will take many positives from this into the next game away at Brom Becks.


Pre Christmas update

Three more games were played in the run up to Christmas and all ended in defeat for Faversham as they struggled for players. Two home defeats against Old Bordenians and Meopham and an away loss at New Beccs, scoring only one goal in the process - Emma Wink's first for the club.


15.11.14 Faversham 0 Cliftonville 0


Another point on the board which moves Faversham into the top half of the table, but could have been more had it not been for the excellence of the Cliftonville goalkeeper. Sheila 'Foxy' Enfield did manage to beat the 'keeper only to see her shot cleared off the line and Faversham were unable to find any other way past. A fifth clean sheet of the season secured the point.


08.11.14 Faversham 1 Maidstone 0


There was a point in this match where it looked like Faversham might never manage to make the breakthrough their possession deserved. It did eventually come when Clare Smithson forced the ball home after a goalmouth melee following a short corner. A very welcome 3 points.


01.11.14 Herne Bay 2 Faversham 0


This eagerly anticipated local derby ended in defeat for Faversham, despite a spirited second half performance. The damage was done in the first half as Herne Bay scored two quick goals and Faversham were unable to find a reply in an entertaining contest. The makeshift back line of Sheila Enfield and Sue Stevenson deserve a special mention for a fine defensive performance with Stevenson making a great goal-line clearance and Enfield defying the years with some crucial interceptions. Faversham also welcomed back Nikki 'Nutmeg' Maple for her first appearance of the season.


18.10.14 Faversham 0 Gravesend 2


Goals either side of half time clinched the points for Gravesend and Faversham were unable to find a response, despite the support of a capacity crowd! Things might have turned out differently, had Lisa Chapman's instinctive strike not cannoned off the post when the score was still 0-0. They now have a break until 1/11 when they will hope to have a full squad to choose from for the local derby with Herne Bay.


11.10.14 Burnt Ash 0 Faversham 0


Faversham secured another league point with a battling performance in a goalless draw away at Burnt Ash. The home side probably had more possession and a large number of short corners, but were unable to break down a solid Faversham defence.

Faversham welcomed back Rachel Griffiths for her first match of the season and she almost capped an impressive performance with a goal, just unable to apply the finishing touch to a cross right near the end.

The draw leaves Faversham in 6th position in a very close Division 4 with only 2 points separating 3rd and 8th.



04.10.14 Faversham 3 Bromley & Beckenham 2


Faversham maintained their unbeaten (new) home record with a thrilling 3-2 victory over Bromley & Beckenham. They took the lead in the first half when skipper Clare Smithson opened her account for the season, but the visitors were awarded a penalty corner on the stroke of half time and managed to equalise.

Faversham then regained the lead early in the second half with Smithson again the scorer. BromBecks fought hard to level, but were thwarted by some dogged defence and an excellent save from Lyn Kent. With Olivia Page and Alexia Wilton causing problems down the right hand side, the home side eventually netted a third  - this time it was Lisa ‘Montoya’ Marchap-Tinman who forced the ball in. Again Faversham were subjected to more BromBeck pressure resulting in a second goal with a few minutes remaining, but Faversham held on for a priceless three points.



27.09.14 Dartford 5 Faversham 0


The unbeaten start to the season came to an abrupt end away at Dartford, who now sit top of the league after three games. Faversham struggled from the start, only being able to field 11 players, several of whom were carrying injuries. At 4-0 down at half time, Faversham could have capitulated, but showed great resolve in the second half, only conceding once. Back to home turf next week to face Bromley & Beckenham.


20.09.14 Faversham 0 Sevenoaks 0


Another point on the board for Faversham as they marked their first match at their new home ground with a hard fought goalless draw with Sevenoaks. The home team created some good openings in the first half, but found the Sevenoaks defence hard to beat. At the other end, the visitors had some good approach play but could not find a finish to match. 'Keeper Lyn Kent made one outstanding save for Faversham, diving acrobatically to her right. With neither team able to break the deadlock, a draw was probably a fair result.

Next week, Faversham travel to early pacesetters Dartford.


13.09.14 Meopham 0 Faversham 1


Faversham followed their usual pre-season routine to great effect once again - turning up after not playing (or training) for six months and securing a well-earned victory over newly-promoted Meopham!

They also had to endure two kit changes, due to a colour clash, playing the first half in their navy away kit but changing, at the request of the opposition, to white shirts at half time! The white shirts proved to be the luckiest when after a goal-less first half, Emma Wink set off on a driving run at the home defence and set up Alexia Wilton to score the only goal of the game.

Faversham held on to take the points and a well deserved clean sheet to celebrate 'keeper Lyn Kent's 50th birthday.

Next week Faversham will play their first home fixture at their new ground at Westlands School in Sittingbourne.



2013 - 2014 Season.


29.03.14 New Beccs 0 Faversham 2


Faversham went into their final game of the season hoping for a victory to lift them above their opponents into a creditable 7th place finish and duly obliged with a comfortable 2-0 victory. In warm conditions and sporting a new all navy away kit, the visitors held firm in the first half and it was 0-0 at the break. The second half saw Faversham take advantage of their opportunuties and it was Skipper Clare Smithson who eventually broke the deadlock, latching onto Lisa Chapman's pass and making no mistake for her 16th of another fruitful season. Although the home side applied pressure to the Faversham defence, the game faces were on and the determination to keep only their second clean sheet of the season was evident, with 'keeper Lyn Kent in good form.

Faversham sealed the win emphatically when Bev Warrener blasted the ball in after a good run for her first of the season, thus becoming the 7th Faversham goalscorer of the season and clinching that 7th place finish - great way to end the season.

Congratulations to Tunbridge Wells and Cobdown on taking the top two league positions and now we must wait to see if the local rivalry with Herne Bay will be renewed next season as they fight for promotion from Division 5!


22.03.14 Faversham 1 Gravesend 1


Faversham earned a well deserved point with a hard fought draw against Gravesend. There were no goals in an even first half with limited chances for both teams. The home side were forced to start the second half with only 10 players, with Lisa Chapman unable to take to the field through illness. Faversham defended well and went close from a couple of short corners, but it was the visitors who struck first midway through the half. Faversham kept pressing and were eventually rewarded when they won a short corner with around 7 minutes remaining. Alison Sheather's shot was saved by the keeper but the ball fell to Chapman who had rejoined the game and her goal bound strike took a slight deflection off skipper Clare Smithson's stick for a deserved equaliser. Both sides went all out for the win, but could not find the net and the match finished 1-1.


15.03.14 Tunbridge Wells 5 Faversham 1


Playing the league leaders who had already scored 82 goals so far this season was never going to be easy. Faversham had a great first half -the home side took the lead but Faversham equalised via the Skipper and Tunbridge Wells sneaked a second just before half time. Unfortunately the visitors had a bleak 10 mins early in the second half conceding 3 in quick succession, but then recovered to finish well and not concede any more. So 5-1 but some good play in places and an outrageous save to remember from 'keeper Lyn Kent near the end.


08.03.14 Faversham 1 Dartford 2


Another closely fought game, but with no reward this time for Faversham as they narrowly lost to promotion chasing Dartford. The visitors made all the first half running and Faversham defended stoutly, but found themselves one down at the break after a fortuitous deflection. The second half was much more even and the home side thought they had done enough to earn a point when Nikki 'Nutmeg' Maple swept in an equaliser and Lucy 'Dave' Cameron made a brilliant goal-line clearance. Unfortunately Dartford managed to find a winner 10 minutes from time.


01.03.14 Sevenoaks 3 Faversham 3


After 4 weeks without a game, Faversham eventually returned to league action and produced a stunning comeback from 3-1 down to earn a point away at Sevenoaks. They started well, taking the lead in the first half when Alison Sheather's short corner strike was diverted in via a combination of the home defence and Skipper Clare Smithson. Sevenoaks squared the match just before half time after some sustained pressure and hit Faversham again early in the second half with two quick strikes. This was the spark the visitors needed to move up a gear and managed to pull one back after a great run and cross from the excellent Bev Warrener, which was lashed into the net by Smithson. Nurse Warrener was having an eventful game, having earlier patched up a nasty head injury to an opposition player! Faversham continued to press with Emma Wink covering acres of the pitch driving the visitors forward. A few minutes from the end, the pressure was rewarded when Sheather robbed the ball from an attempted clearance and found Smithson unmarked in the circle, who held her nerve with an unerring finish past the despairing 'keeper for her hat-trick and a great point for the team. Maybe it was Sheila Enfield's 'Happy' dance pre-match that made the difference!!


01.02.14 Burnt Ash 2 Faversham 1


Burnt Ash exacted revenge for the 2-1 defeat suffered against Faversham back in October, coming from a goal down to snatch victory in this close contest fought in blustery conditions. The visitors grabbed the lead when Karen Page struck impressively from a short corner, but Burnt Ash equalised soon after and took the points with a goal 10 minutes from time. Faversham now have two game-free weeks to regroup before travelling to the tropical delights of the Jackey Baker ground to take on Cliftonville on the 22nd!


25.01.14 Faversham 1 Anchorians 1


Faversham were unable to secure all three points to celebrate the Skipper's birthday as they were forced to settle for a draw at home to Anchorians. They started well, but suffered an early blow as Lisa 'now doubtful' Martin had to leave the field with a hamstring injury. Fortunately Faversham were blessed with a starting squad of 14, including the returning Nikki 'Nutmeg' Maple. They eventually took the lead in the first half thanks to Karen Page's unerring stike from a short corner, but were unable to capitalise further and were pegged back in the second half. Both sides went in search of a winner and Faversham went closest but were thwarted by some dogged goal-line defence and a couple of good saves from the visiting 'keeper. The point moves Faversham up to 5th in the league table.


18.01.14 Cobdown 4 Faversham 0


Back in action after a 5 week break, Faversham did not have the easiest of tasks travelling to league leaders Cobdown. The home side started well and Faversham found themselves 3 down by half time, but rallied well in the second half to only concede one more.

They were also delighted to welcome back 'keeper Lyn Kent after a lengthy lay-off and can now look forward to a home fixture next week against Anchorians.


07.12.13 Faversham 1 Maidstone 0


Faversham end 2013 in 5th place in the league thanks to a hard fought victory over Maidstone. The only goal of the game came early in the first half when newlywed Lisa 'Montoya' Martin slotted into the corner after her initial shot was saved by the 'keeper.

Although the home side dominated possession, they were unable to add to their tally due to some dogged Maidstone defence, especially from short corners as they made three fine goal-line clearances.

The only real chance for the visitors also came from a short corner, but they were denied by an equally excellent clearance by Lucy 'Dave' Cameron, thus also securing the first clean sheet of the season.

Faversham were buoyed this week with a good luck message and subsequent well done from legendary paralympian Tanni Gey-Thomspon via Twitter!

The league campaign now doesn't resume until 18th January, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


30.11.13 Faversham 2 New Beccs 1


Faversham dramatically stole all three points in a last gasp victory against New Beccs. They found themselves a goal down at half time despite dominating the game and restricting the visitors to only one clear cut chance, which they took and Faversham were unable to convert numerous opportunities.

However, the equaliser came early in the second half when Alison Sheather's short corner strike was diverted in from close range by skipper Clare Smithson. Faversham continued to dominate but the visitors managed to somehow keep the score level until the very last minute when good play down the right wing from Alexia Wilton led to the ball falling to late substitute Rachel Griffiths who managed to nudge it to Smithson to beat the 'keeper for her second of the match and 10th of the season.

A richly deserved victory, excellent team performance and three crucial points.


23.11.13 Gravesend 3 Faversham 1


In a carbon copy of their previous fixture, Faversham were again forced to come back from a two goal deficit and although Alexia Wilton pulled one back, the visitors couldn't create enough chances to force an equaliser and were again punished late on.

On a lighter note we'd all like to congratulate Lisa 'Montoya' Chapman on her marriage to Mr David '3D' Martin in Florida on 15th November - some of us were lucky enough to attend and enjoyed a great day with the happy couple. Unfortunately due to an extended honeymoon, she won't be back in time to play next week!!



09.11.13 Dartford 3 Faversham 1


Conceding two goals in the first half proved too much of a mountain to climb for Faversham as they fought back well in the second half with Clare Smithson pulling one back, but the visitors were unable to find the crucial equaliser and were hit by a sucker punch late on to surrender the points to the home side.


02.11.13 Faversham 2 Sevenoaks 2


Faversham rediscovered some home form as they twice led against Sevenoaks but had to settle for a point in an entertaining 2-2 draw. The home side took the lead when Lisa 'Montoya' Chapman fired in from a short corner, but were pegged back before half time with a deflected goal from the visitors.

Faversham took the lead again early in the second half when Alison Sheather's long free hit found Clare Smithson free in the D who squared the ball to the onrushing Sheila 'still evergreen Foxy' Enfield who struck a fine shot across the keeper and into the corner.

The home side had chances to extend their lead but were thwarted by some dogged Sevenoaks defence and were ultimately punished by a controvertial second goal for the visitors and a share of the spoils.

A minutes silence was held before the game in memory of Beth Freeman of Edenbridge Hockey Club who tragically lost her life in Monday's storm. Our thoughts go out to her family, friends and team-mates. 


26.10.13 Faversham 2 Tunbridge Wells 6


Faversham suffered their heaviest defeat of the season when the current league leaders came to visit. Both halves were lost 3-1 with Clare Smithson netting in the first half and Karen Page continuing her blistering run of scoring form (2 games!) with a deflected effort from a short corner. The dubious goals committee have awarded Page the goal as her initial shot was on target! 


19.10.13 Faversham 2 Cliftonville 4


A dominant first half performance and a first Faversham goal for Alexia Wilton saw the home team take a deserved 1-0 lead into the break. Wilton slotted home after a great run from Emma Wink and Faversham had further chances to wrap the match up before half time. Unfortunately for them, the second half was a different story with the visitors attacking in greater numbers and benefitting from a couple of handy deflections to lead 3-1. Faversham pulled a goal back from a Karen Page short corner, but were finished off late on by a 4th Cliftonville goal.


05.10.13 Faversham 2 Burnt Ash 1


Despite going a goal down in the first half, Faversham roared back with two of their own to secure all three points and third place in the league table with a 2-1 win over previously unbeaten Burnt Ash.

There were chances at both ends in an even and entertaining game, but Faversham were the more clinical with Skipper Clare Smithson scoring both - the first following up two blocked shots from a short corner and the second latching onto Alison Sheather's through ball and tucking it neatly in the corner. Faversham defended well against a succession of short corners and the visitors were unable to find an equaliser.


28.09.13 Anchorians 2 Faversham 5


Faversham moved up to 4th in the league table with an impressive victory at Anchorians. First half goals from Lisa 'Montoya' Chapman and Skipper Clare Smithson put the visitors in control but the home side pulled one back early in the second half following a goalmouth scramble. Faversham welcomed back winger Nikki 'Nutmeg' Maple for her first game for a year and she provided the impetus needed with three good assists. The Skipper bagged two more goals to complete her first hat-trick of the season and Chapman also added another to her tally. Anchorians scored another with a blistering strike from a short corner, but the visitors ran out worthy winners to extend their impressive away record.


21.09.13 Faversham 0 Cobdown 2


Faversham conceded a goal in each half and were unable to break down the opposition defence in this 2-0 home defeat. The visitors may have been expecting a bigger victory margin after inflicting a heavier beating towards the end of last season. The home team defended doggedly and stand-in 'keeper Sue Isles put in another impressive performance between the sticks to thwart Cobdown on several occasions.


14.09.13 Maidstone 1 Faversham 2


Faversham began the new season in great style, running out 2-1 winners away at Maidstone. They began brightly and were unfortunate to be a goal down at half time. Faversham were quick out the blocks in the second half and levelled the match when Olivia Page fed the ball into the evergreen Sheila "Foxy" Enfield who fired the ball past the home 'keeper with great aplomb.

Faversham debutant Emma Wink also capped a fine performance by setting up Skipper Clare Smithson for what proved to be the winning goal as Faversham dug in and held on for a fine victory, thanks to a superb goal-line clearance from Sara Griffiths and cool goalkeeping from stand in 'keeper Sue Isles.





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